• We specialize in visual and audio materials, and digital media.
  • We offer preservation services for a variety of analog materials, including photographs, motion picture films, videotapes and audiotapes.
  • We can all provide digital reformatting assistance for your analog visual and audio materials, conforming to the most recent best practices for digital preservation and distribution.
  • Content management assistance is available for a wide variety of platforms, including ContentDM, DSpace, PastPerfect and Adobe Lightroom.


  • We can assist with exhibit productions in a number of ways.
  • We offer professional research and writing services on the topics of your choice.
  • We can curate the exhibit for you, or assist your staff in selecting artifacts and visuals from your collections to create effective exhibits.
  • We work with a group of professional exhibit design contractors to create static or interactive exhibits.


  • We offer group workshops or individual training sessions in the following areas:
  • Archival preservation and storage of analog photographs, motion picture films, videotape and audiotape.
  • Digital reformatting of visual and audio materials.
  • Digital content management and metadata systems.